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Life is vigorous and changes before we know it. I wasn't always the person to go to for fitness and life services. In fact, when I started out, I was laughed at by virtually everyone that came across me in environments such as the gym and workplace. In the gym, I was often put down for my visions of changing myself and others overall health. Lets face it, I was very skinny but somehow still held more fat than muscle on my body... I like to refer to times like these as the trenches. We all have different trenches and roots of struggle that gives us lessons to learn from. Even after conquering this trench I found myself in an other one. Now I was being told by ex-coworkers, that I only had the ability to help myself out since I only transformed myself and that I would never be a great coach or businessman . Thankfully, I can now say that I've helped many people reach near the best versions of themselves in a short amount of time. From many 20lb+ fat loss transformations to a 90 pound fat loss transformation , I've helped others accomplish many different goals. The best part of this all is that so much can be done without dramatically changing your life, and seeing the results my clients get is truly the reason I continue to do this. I have now become the go to guy in my community and online when it comes to quick and long term transformations. What makes me different from everyone else is that I want to build a legacy and be remembered as a legend. I want to be remembered as the most trustworthy and honest coach to have ever lived and the only way to do so is by helping everyone with the best service!  Often times my clients will say that my super power is the ability to hold people accountable and lead them the right way through my relentless work ethic. I hate to lose and have no option but to succeed in helping you become your ideal self. Nowadays I enjoy an active lifestyle that allows me to share my knowledge and skills with those around me and help make great lives even better. More Fitness, More Confidence, More Of Happiness. 
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