Welcome To The Tale Of How Many Busy Workers

Are Opening Their Eyes To A New Way To Living A Healthy Lifestyle

By Following Systems Built Around Their Lives And Not The Cookie-Cutter Or Bullshit Programs Famous Social Media Influencers Are Selling. 


Fellow Busy Worker, 

I am truly excited for you.


If you’re here, it’s not by chance or luck.


In fact, this letter you’re seeing right now is being shown to you because you may have been referred by an active member of our community.


Either way, I’m glad you’re here.


What I’m about to reveal has not only been the backbone of my own success:

🔥 Building a healthy lifestyle while being a busy worker in three industries (Finance, Health, Tech)

🔥 Making multiple busy workers transform mentally and physically

🔥 Being able to get results anywhere and anytime around my busy schedule

But, it’s also been…

Take Sam, for example. He has lost 80 Pounds in 6 months and uses the methods and systems I gave him to give him consistent results every month and on his watch giving him more confidence and energy than ever.
Busy Workers like Anita went from getting no results to losing 20 Pounds a month and gaining muscle tone consistently now having more energy, life quality,  and confidence on a daily basis.
The same system has seen Adam gain 60 pounds of muscle in two years and create a high quality lifestyle with improved confidence, body composition, energy, and more power to increase his success in his busy profession.
It’s also helped up-and-coming busy workers like Tashara get results quickly — from zero results to 20 pounds lost & gained muscle tone and a mental and physical transformation in just 12 weeks!

If you want to get a quick fix tactic or pre-built program where you do not get life long results and change for the long term then this is not for you.

If you're the type of person who is not ready to get led or lead themselves to greatness by you telling yourself or I that you will do something, but then cheat yourself and do the opposite... then this isn't for you.

If you're someone driven by results and you're tired and frustrated with not becoming the best version of yourself and the bullshit that the fitness industry has tried offering you to become that...


The lies…


The deception...


And, the fraud…


Then, come a little closer. This letter is something you’re going to want to read in its entirety.


I’m about to share with you a revolutionary, new approach to building an elite lifestyle in 2019 that busy workers just like you are using to break through the noise and build a lifestyle with greater impact.


If you want to:

🔥Wake up every single day feeling ready and energized to truly better yourself 

🔥Feel what you’re worth and perform the best you can for more success 

🔥Get results when you want and where you want — with the ability to use time to your advantage even with a busy schedule...


You’re going to learn my five best kept secrets, personally developed from getting down in the muddy trenches, battle-testing, and building a elite healthy lifestyle while being a very busy professional from the ground up.


So, who am I? And what makes me qualified to show you all of this?


My name is Moh Mustafa and I’m the Founder of MohFIT 

We currently work with busy workers helping them build a high quality lifestyle that gives them more impact and power. 


Much like you, I started from humble beginnings.


In 2014, I took the skills that I had gained from tons of research and trial and error in an attempt to get into the best shape possible while having a busy life.


Over the next three years, I not only was able to completely transform myself physically and mentally, but was able to also give other busy workers results as well! 

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.


I had no idea what to do or how I was going to get started and get results.


As a result, I did what most people do when they try to get results:

   👎 Follow a 12 week fitness program

   👎 Follow a quick fix diet or workout plan

   👎 Count every calorie I was eating

   👎 Try a famous fitness guru's program

   👎 And, hope that results would come to me.

It wasn’t until the end of 2015 that my big break came:


I learned how to get results while having a very busy schedule on using simple methods.


I was getting four to five pounds of fat off every month and gaining a little muscle and I quickly realized I needed to fix my health and fitness systems because these results were little and not consistent or sustainable. As a result, I'd have problems being able to get life-long and long term results whenever I wanted to. 


Why was this happening?


At first I didn’t know what was wrong...


I believed I needed to continue to follow the programs and plans sold online/in gyms or the supplements that claimed to give "results".

In fact, being so infatuated with these products and services I was sold into the idea that I could simply become the best version of myself by simply following everything I was told or given.  


Boy, was I wrong!


I came to a crossroads. Either I forget about this idea of dedicating too much time for little results on these products and services or I needed to get down in the trenches and figure out once in for all what I and other busy professionals needed to succeed. 


I decided to choose the latter.


This led me to stumble upon and develop what I refer to as the ‘trifecta model’ to how I got myself results and how I was able to coach other busy professionals to leverage systems to reap life-changing results as well. 


Since 2015, I’ve taken this model and refined and optimized it dozens of times to help many busy professionals just like you do the same.


Why don’t all busy professionals build an elite lifestyle this way?


Just like I once did, most busy workers are searching for a quick fix program that simply doesn’t exist. 


They forget to do whatever it takes to improve their performance to become more successful.


And, because they don’t get long-term results, they are unable to grow.


But, this is only the start of the problem.It gets a whole lot deeper.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s happening...


Everywhere you look, I’m sure you can see traces of the lies...


The smoke and mirrors...


And, the lack of integrity that is flooding the entire fitness industry.

    👎 Every day, you’ll see a workout program or supplement being promoted by a celebrity — that            they haven’t even tried themselves! 

    👎 Every day, you’ll see a so-called entrepreneur create the next ‘detox tea’ that’s shipped from            China and then sent directly to their customers without even testing the ingredients.

    👎 Every day, you’ll see thousands of pictures posted on Instagram from fitness influencers                  showing off their favorite supplements... When we all know what they really take.

But, this is only the beginning of the problem. 


It’s said that, “By 2030, 86.3% of adults will be overweight and 51.1% obese.”


Yet, over the past ten years, the number of weight loss products, services, gyms, and personal trainers has increased by 800%.




Is it because ketogenic diets don’t work?


Is it because weight training and cardio doesn’t work?


Is it because calorie deficits and restrictive diets don’t work.




The cause of this epidemic is that we live in a society conditioned to believe that quick fixes work.


We live in a society where people have long forgotten that achieving goals in life is driven on the backbone of grit, persistence, and hard work.


Instead, our society has been conditioned to believe that there is ‘an easier way’.


And, in a desperate attempt to find something easier, they will stop every time they encounter an inevitable plateau. Sadly, they still find an excuse to stop and start back at square one on the next ‘magical solution’ they were sold.


Think about this for a second.


The reason for any failure is that people stop taking the necessary action because they don’t know how to overcome their problems and don't get the necessary help.


They stop because instead of being able to deal with and overcome their plateaus, obstacles, or problems, they find an excuse due to their ingrained belief that there is an easier way.


Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


And, do you know who profits from all of this?


The companies making billions of dollars sold from supplements, products, gym memberships, e-books, training programs, pills, potions, creams, and the list goes on and on.


If you’re like me, you would have experienced this in your own life, whether directly related to your fitness and body composition goals, or in your profession.


You and I both know that in order to live our fittest, healthiest, and most rewarding life, we must master and repeat the same simple yet effective routines and habits in training, nutrition, and mindset. Every. Single. Day.


This is the key to any long term success.


It’s by no means a sexy message that the masses want to hear.


Yet somehow, my busy workers and I have found a way to incorporate these effective routines and habits in a speedy and enjoyable way. 


We’ve found a way to lead ourselves around the concept of hard work, self-discipline, and taking ownership of our mind and bodies.


How are they doing this?


Getting results comes down to a game of problem solving.


The more problems we solve — the more results you get.


And seeing as the biggest epidemic that exists in the world right now is that people will stop when times get hard, my coaches and I build the environmental conditions for you to NOT stop and to keep going.


This, in turn, leads to better results for you.


And as they’re achieving such impossible results, the word spreads and more people want to know ‘the secret’.


It’s a simple concept really.


Apply to this amazing opportunity that solves a big problem and you’ll get rewarded handsomely.


In fact, I’ve boiled this whole process down to a five pillar process I call The Elite Path.


These are my secrets I have spent three years mastering and developing under the mentor-ship of some of the brightest minds in the personal development, fitness, and business industry.


Furthermore, I’ve spent thousands of dollars in developing and simplifying this process so that every busy worker that wants to live a life with increased energy, performance, alertness, life quality and overall health can easily replicate this process and use it to accelerate their personal  growth.


“Without a vision most people will perish.”


The biggest problem is most of these products, programs,trainers, and supplements are short term symptom solvers.


All of these solve symptoms:

They may help you lose a little weight short term

They may help you slightly tone up short term

They may help you build short term muscle

And, once you solve that symptom, there's a high chance you will face that same symptom again as the short term results start to disappear and then you end up in the same loophole.

Which is why we see most people give up on their New Year's Resolutions after a couple of weeks.


But, if you create a bigger vision for the life you want to live, you’ll create a long term lifestyle full of benefits and continuous progression. 

We help you do this by figuring out your vision and creating an even clearer and long term vision so that you reap lifetime value of our Elite Path and get service on a much deeper level while being apart of a significant movement. 


Most busy people fail at this. 


In fact, a lot of people think that by following a basic program they will actually do the work and get the results they want


In theory, it sounds great — if you actually do the work.


However, as you know, life gets in the way and the you either fall off the bandwagon,  become demotivated, or come up with another excuse as to why you couldn’t follow the program.

And to make it even worse, these programs are not built around your busy schedule, are not effective either, and even worse, these programs usually are just given to you with no one there to motivate you and keep you going along the way. 


If you deconstruct where results come from you’ll understand that:

    🔥 Results are simply the byproduct of taking the right action

    🔥 The right action (or should I say consistent action) is called habits

    🔥 Habits are formed based on who someone thinks he or she is — their identity

Therefore, if you can change how you identify yourself, you can gain results faster.  


The key question to consider is, “How can I shift my identity to someone who is going to take consistent action to get the results I am after."


I call this ‘building the environmental conditions’ for you to succeed. Something most busy professionals would never have experienced because many programs,trainers, and coaches have never done it for their clients or experienced it themselves.


Or should I say, build a system that allows you to get consistent results.


You see, if you’re like most busy workers, you’re doing the process to improve health the wrong way.


There’s a high chance that right now, you’re following a quick fix method.


You get few to no results .


But it never converts to any form of consistent transformation.


Or maybe you do get some results, but they’re hard to get and stressful to achieve.


It isn't not your ideal way of how you want to get results long term...


Why is this?


Because the internet is full of information from the saturated fitness industry and statistics show that global rates of health deterioration is rising. There is a reason behind that....all are short term, stressful ways to getting results. 


Instead, the busy workers inside MohFIT get a system that allows them to get results in the most simple and effective way and on their time.


For a long time, I told myself that I would take action and get results. 


In an attempt to get results, I promised myself many things: 

  • I promised myself that I would lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle

  • I promised myself that I would easily get the results and then aim for more

  • I promised myself that I had everything I needed and would do it by myself

And whilst making these promises and statements brought me some instant gratification…


It came back to bite me in the ass when I gave up client after only two weeks — wondering why I couldn't do it.


Because I wasn't making any commitments.




I educate every busy professional going through the journey and show them it’s not just about the statements and promises you make to yourself, it is about the actions you will take to make it happen.


You must make commitments (for example) such as working out when you can or eating healthier when possible.


These are commitments, or plans of actions, that you make to yourself to begin the journey 

 — while increasing the RESULTS you get for life!

We help you make these plans of actions and commitments to make sure nothing is done forcefully and everything goes right and in a smooth fashion. 


Without processes, you simply get no results.


This last step took 18 months to discover as I poured thousands in investments into finding the right sources and mentors to show me the way and the best processes.

The only way to remove yourself from being a slave to your current pains and problems is to prevent burn and to strategically follow processes and systems that you can delegate.


Doing this, you’ll be able to build a elite lifestyle that gives you more overall power and impact in your life and in your profession.


Every single busy worker that has invested with me inside MohFit is given these exact systems for increased life quality, energy, alertness, mood, fat loss, muscle gain, overall body composition improvements, confidence and much more.


So fellow busy worker, where does that leave you?


If you’ve read this far, then it’s fair to say this has resonated with you and you see yourself living a elite lifestyle.


You see yourself accomplishing your goals, getting consistent results, becoming the best you, and inspiring hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of other busy professionals by being apart of this movement.


You see yourself accomplishing your goals that you’re proud of and that you got by destroying the barriers stopping you.


You see yourself making a big change in the world and fighting against the ‘norm’ that says we are far from healthy, busy professionals who stay out of shape and in offices all day. 


And, if that is you then I invite you to submit your application below and consider becoming one of us.


Because, you’ll be given:

🔥 The keys to build your elite lifestyle the way you envision it.                                                         🔥 A step-by-step road map system to take the barriers and challenges you are facing and              decimate them! 

🔥 Proven methods and processes for increased energy, alertness, power, mood, results, life-          quality, and improved body composition and overall health — so you don’t have to spend                  thousands of dollars and plenty of years trying to figure it all out by yourself.

🔥 You’ll be surrounded by other busy working people who live an elite lifestyle                                      and who are exactly where you want to be.

🔥 Access to me to train you in all areas of an elite lifestyle to ensure you become the best              you can mentally and physically.  

You will find yourself growing, expanding, and producing more in 12 weeks than you could ever have done alone in 12 months as your capacity to focus and execute increases.


If this is not enough to get you interested — I’m going to propose a scenario:


Submit your application. My enrollment director or I, will reach out to see if you make a great fit. Should you be a suitable applicant, we’ll carefully craft your elite lifestyle road map and show you how you can take The Elite Path (the five pillars above) and apply it to your life.


You have literally nothing to lose by simply submitting your application.


I have two reasons for you:

   🔥 I feel like it’s my duty to get this message out to the world. The more busy professionals that          hear this message, the more chance we have at turning around the industry. And, if I can                  have some sort of success inside your journey by helping you get started, I know good                    karma will come my way.

    🔥 Should you feel like MohFit is the best way to move forward — which I wholeheartedly                      believe it is, if you meet our prerequisites — then you and I get to work together to see how              we can help build your elite lifestyle and have more power and impact in your life,                              profession, and the rest of the world.

If that sounds good to you, submit your application for consideration below.


We turn down 85% of applicants simply because it takes a certain kind of person to be apart of this movement.


If you do manage to get in, you’ll be proud to know that you’ll have everything you need to build a  elite life and be surrounded by others going through the same process or who have done what you aim to do.


You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose by submitting an application.


Before we part ways, I want you to consider this:


There are two ways to get in the better physical and mental shape:


The first is what most are doing.


And the second is to take the path less traveled with The Elite Path, which happens to be the best way to build your powerful, elite lifestyle. But don’t ask me, ask them!

If you’re skeptical in submitting an application, I don’t blame you… you should be skeptical. There are plenty of people who will take your money and give you nothing in return.


Don’t listen to me… Listen to these busy working people who are just like you getting these types of results every single day in our community.  


"If you're feeling stuck, uncertain, not growing mentally and physically as a person, just go for it, all it takes is that first step and from there you're absolutely gonna kill it. 


When I finally joined Moh's program, I instantly knew this was going to work out. It has been the best thing I've ever done with my life, I finally feel like a leader, energetic, stronger, and more successful."

“I was duped by prior mentors and trainers at gyms. In fact, I had spent $8,000 on a personal trainer who took my money and gave me multiple tactics. This left me stressed, tired and burnt out not knowing if i would get results.

After taking the leap of faith and joining Moh, I discovered how to create systems that would get me the results I wanted.


I am now feeling much better and am able to play with my kids more since I have more energy than ever. I never thought this would be possible because of my work schedule and being a mother. But with Moh, I can gladly say I have finally got the results I wanted."

I was already getting results before I met Moh. However, I wasn't fulfilled. I wanted to have a bigger impact, more results, and save time by speeding up the learning curve. 


Funnily, I didn't apply Moh's strategy for the first month after joining him. However, when he ripped the bandaid off, I made huge gains in less time and felt stronger than ever.


Since then, I have felt 100% better physically and mentally and have gained a lot of confidence throughout this process. ”

"Time is not a relevant excuse. I have three jobs and they’re all in different industries. The results that I’ve been able to get...a year ago I would’ve gone ‘there’s no way, I can’t do that, that’s all too much’.


Day-to-day life with three jobs is crazy - but in that time I’ve been able to follow Moh's system and reap tons of benefits. I still get results when I am not working out just from his eating habits system.


I gained the confidence to put myself out there more and become the leader I always wanted to be.


I don’t have time for the excuse that I don’t have time. "


Who knows? This time next year, you could be one of the case studies above, building your high quality lifestyle and dominating your profession by reaching peak performance and keeping it consistently. 


P.S. If you’re like me and you generally skip to the end, then I advise you do differently on this one...Why?  


Skipping the letter and reading a ‘P.S.’ won’t help you build the elite lifestyle you want. Trust me, you’ll receive greater benefits if you study the words on this page closely. There are millions of dollars of lessons there for you.


P.P.S. Now, if you’ve read the letter and you’re ready to have a conversation on how you can take The Elite Path to build the lifestyle you want, then submit your application below to receive your 30-minute tailored strategy. 

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