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Dr. Sawaqed,

Thoracic and Cardiac Surgeon

I was amazed when my son, a close friend of Moh, informed me that Moh had passed his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification within two weeks of enrolling. I asked my son to show me how the exam looked and was shocked to see he had accomplished this with a test that reminded me of the MCAT.  He is definitely knowledgeable in his field and passionate about using his acquired knowledge to help others and has helped me continue to get results even as an experienced fitness enthusiast.  

Sam, Manager Of Loyola University Basketball Team

Moh was honestly born to coach. He pushes you when you're ready to give up. Being the manager of a final four team in 2018 and cosigned by the beloved Sister Jean, Moh made sure I was staying fit during this busy time and not only kept me physically at my best, but mentally as well. I'm proud to say that with the help of Moh, I have lost 90 Pounds of Fat within only a few months! He has empowered me to start my own brand and help others too!

Anita, Sales Associate

I'm the type of person that gives up quick and has a hard time staying on track with my fitness and nutrition. With Moh I lost 30+ pounds in 2 months and did so without feeling restricted or hungry. He watches what i eat and for me , that's important because I'm a mother and wife so I barely have time to prep meals. He's consistent with me and very professional! 

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