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70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation In 3 Months !

This Summer my first client Sam and I worked on DECIMATING Fat and losing weight so he could return to campus and shock his friends!

In June Sam contacted me and asked me if it was possible to lose all the weight he had gained over the years.

I told him it is definitely possible and that I would give him the keys but he has to follow the formula and put the effort in. He agreed to do so and we began our Fat Decimation Journey.

At first, a few people laughed at the thought that we had a goal of at least dropping 40 pounds in two months. A few local trainers near Sam told him it was impossible to make this kind of transformation in a short amount of time.

This motivated us more than ever because we had to prove the doubters wrong but also show others in the same situation that it is possible to make it out of the trenches and to truly reach your goals!

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