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How do you follow through and actually commit to your resolution?

Many people make resolutions and only follow them for a short period of time before they give up. From my experiences of being in the gym around New Years,

I have seen so many stay consistent for a week or two after New Years and have also seen a few people actually stick to their resolution and make it part of their life.

So what makes these two groups of people different? Why does one group give up and the others succeed ?

There are many reasons for this but I will talk about one of the most common factors that I have witnessed throughout the years of training at a few gyms around this time. The most common thing I see around New Years is people starting off way to fast. You haven't hit the gym in months but decided to run on the treadmill for 4 miles or bench press 225..This is what I call Self - Decimation.

Self-Decimation is basically when you are destroying yourself instead of building yourself..

Starting off slowly is a major key because your body needs to adapt and recover.

The people that stick around usually know their limits and don't push themselves too hard because they know they will be returning in the long run.

With any resolution you are making, make sure to look at the bigger picture instead of the short term goals you want to accomplish.

Another huge tip I vouch for is self-belief. If you do not believe you can achieve your New Years resolution, then you most likely won't.

To fix this, always tell yourself you can do it and feel like you can too. Visualize yourself doing it and if you can't, then set a more realistic goal that you can believe.

Lastly, keeping track of your progress is very important.

Many times people will start to get results they work for but will not notice. Keeping track of your progress by taking pictures daily and weighing yourself will help you. This is very important to me because results never lie. If you do not see any results then DO NOT feel unmotivated.

This is normal and sometimes it means you are not eating correctly or working out with enough intensity. This can easily be fixed by adjusting your workouts and eating habits. Do not put any negative pressure or stress on yourself and actually enjoy the grind of living a healthy lifestyle. Because you will start to enjoy the benefits and will eventually stick to your resolution!

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